Communications refers to real-world actions (as opposed to online actions) that parents can take to share the power of their voice with other parents, their community, and individuals in a position of authority.

Downloadable measurement template

Below is a template of common measures organizations use in the parent empowerment space to manage communications.

As a reminder, your organization should ‘Goldilocks’ what it measures. You should only capture measures that help your organization make better decisions to increase impact (and are practical to collect).

Overview of communications

A wide range of channels exist through which organizations can help parents communicate their hopes, fears, point of view, and demands on behalf of their children.

  • Interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Letters to the editor
  • Public testimony
  • Writing original content to be published
  • Writing public policy platforms
  • Filming original digital content

Most organizations measure only the basic infrastructure of parent communications based on who has been trained on communications. Only a few organization measure the infrastructure of parent power based on who can and will execute each type of communication (see list above).

However, most organizations measure in detail how many of each type of communication has been created over the course of a campaign.