1-ON-1 meetings are about listening and developing relationships that allow parents to take action individually and/or also collectively with that organization.

Downloadable measurement template

Below is a template of common measures organizations use in the parent empowerment space to manage 1-on-1 meetings.

As a reminder, your organization should 'Goldilocks' what it measures. You should only capture measures that help your organization make better decisions to increase impact (and are practical to collect).

Overview of 1-on-1 meetings

1-on-1 meetings are a foundational component of all four parent empowerment strategies.

1-on-1's are an opportunity to:

  • Ask, listen and learn about the hopes, fears and needs of individual parents, and their counsel on the concerns and issues facing their community.
  • Participate in a dialogue and share information and points of view.
  • Decide together what the solutions are to an individual's or community's issues.
  • Agree on what actions will be taken to make those solutions real, including clear next steps that all participants commit to doing (and commit to each other to do).

1-on-1 meetings can be between parents and teachers, parents and an organization's staff, and/or parents and parent leaders.

1-on-1's are not a 1-and-done. Organizing – around an individual's agenda or collective agenda – is about, "weaving a tapestry of trusted relationships." It isn't about a transaction. 1-on-1's are a crucial start to organizing but they are also a continual investment in and renewal of relationships.